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Exclusive $20 Gift offer ( limited offer )

$20 and more Free Gift Accessories with any $29 purchase


Receive any two of the selected items from our accessories list with the purchase of any amount over $29.00  from our website items and will be calculated automatically through our website. 

All you need to do is:

To go through the checkout process and once the amount goes over $29.00 in our website, at the end you will have the choice of  selecting the accessories before the payment page.

You can always go back to the Gift page by going through the Shopping cart page.

Check the items included in are offer :

1 - Tea mug - red & pink flower

2 - White Carved Tea Mug

3 - Red Flower Tea Mug

4 - Blue Flower Tea Mug

5 - Purple Flower Tea Mug

6 - Tea Mug with Strainer

7 - Tea pot & Warmer set - Flower

8 - White Carved Tea Mug

9 - Fruit Tea Mug with Infuser