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8 - Primary Coffee Tastes (4- Fourth Part)

8 - Primary Coffee Tastes (4- Fourth Part)
8 A -  Flavorful & Balanced
If blending several different coffees together done correctly, we can then create a flavorful and balanced coffee. Some people prefer coffees with particularly strong flavor distinctions, in this case Balance is not necessarily a positive taste attribute.

8 B -  Bitter
Bitter is an unpleasant and harsh taste which is detected mostly in the back of the tongue. Bitterness is characteristic of over-extracted, defective, or extra dark roasted coffees.  
Dark roast coffee, tend to be prominently bitter, and this adds to the coffee’s fullness.
Bitterness may be noticed in a coffee’s aftertaste. Not to be confused with acidity.
The bitterness, may add to the fullness of the flavor of the gourmet coffee only if it is well balanced, and provide a desirable taste sensation. Too much bitterness, can be unpleasant, especially if it is the result of over-extraction during brewing, or making too little of an amount of coffee and using too fine of a grind.

8 C  -   Bready
The aroma of a very light roasted coffee is bread-like, or grain-like and it taste sour.   Bready coffees may also be described as "green" or "beany".  

8 D  -   Bright
It is a coffee with a pleasant and distinctively sharp taste. And a pleasant amount of acidity in a coffee; sharp acidity; tangy; leaves a dry aftertaste. Bright coffee may also be described as having a wine like acidity.

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