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6 - Primary Coffee Tastes (2- Second Part)

6 - Primary Coffee Tastes (2- Second Part)
6 A -  Body :
Is the physical property and the physical mouth feel and texture of the coffee and extracted oils resulting from the brewing process also contribute to the body.
It is the mouthfeel & heaviness of the coffee as it settles on your tongue.
The feel of the oily, grainy, watery, or possesses some other characteristic.
A body in coffee could be (light, medium, or full) and is its thickness due to the amount of dissolved and suspended oils and solids extracted from the coffee grounds, and may range from thin and watery to thick and creamy.  Full bodied coffees have a strong, creamy, and pleasant, mouth feel.
-French Presses and espressos have more body due to the brewing method, and extracted oils contribute to the body.
-Drip/Filter machines, makes less and lighter body coffee because of the paper filter which remove the oils resulting in the brewing process.  
A coffee’s body may be light or thin, medium, full, or very full. A fuller-bodied gourmet coffee retains more flavor when diluted.

6 B -  Complexity
Many layers of taste sensations amongst the flavors & the complexity starts with smelling and tasting a coffee. Positive or negative attribute, complexity can sometimes be gained by blending one coffee with another or by blending a light roast with a dark roast. Some excellent single origin coffees are by themselves both complex and balanced, but agreeable complex flavors are most often achieved by blending two or more complimentary single origin coffees.  

6 C -  Instant coffee taste
A taste characteristic of freeze dried instant coffee. Many find the taste of instant coffee objectionable.
Instant coffee is commonly served in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

6 D -  Acidity
Acidity has nothing to do with amount of acid, or PH Coffee actually has a relatively neutral PH of between 5 and 6.
Acidity in a coffee term, refers to bright, tangy, fruity, or wine-like flavor characteristics found in many different type coffee. Coffee with high acidity is described as acidy and whenever the coffee is stored for more than a year it will lose some of the flavor and acidity. Also, acidity is reduced as coffee is roasted darker.
Acidity is sometimes described as a sharp radiance that enhances the gourmet coffee’s flavor.  
A low acidity is referred to as “smooth” while a high acidity is called “bright.” If the acidity is too low the coffee is considered boring and unexciting, while no acidity makes the coffee flat.

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