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7 - Primary Coffee Tastes (3- Third Part)

7 - Primary Coffee Tastes (3- Third Part)
7 A - Acrid
A harsh sour taste and tartness. An acrid coffee can be described as tart, sharp, or acerbic.

7 B - Ashy
Whenever the coffee smell or taste similar to an ashtray or fireplace, it is called "Ashy". Ashy aroma indicates a dark roast, and is not necessarily a negative attribute. Ashy coffees generally have a carbony flavor.  

7 C -  Astringent
A dry, sour, salty, and generally disagreeable sensation detected mostly at the sides of the tongue.
7 D -  Baggy
It is normally described in light roasted coffee with mild flavor. The taste characteristic of coffee stored too long in burlap bags, causing the coffee beans to acquire a straw-like coffee bag flavor.
7 E - Backed - Flat
 It is a dull, and uninteresting coffee. A baked flavor may be caused by roasting too slowly. Coffee roasted in a drum roaster for much more than about 17 minutes will likely be burnt or have a baked flavor.  

7 F -   Balanced
A balanced coffee does not have any overwhelming flavor or aroma characteristics.
If a coffee has flavors that can be sensed evenly across the tongue, it called balanced.

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